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    This is our Story
    Le Cocon Doux is run by the talented top model Rose Bertram. Rose had always dreamed of and visualised starting her own lingerie brand. She finally realised this dream with “Le cocon Doux” brand. She is being supported by two partners. She gets her inspiration from the fashion / model world that she is in contact with on a daily basis. The creative process is reinforced by the fact that she meets with the worldwide top of the fashion business every day. Together with her friends (mainly models) she often brainstorms about what women would prefer to wear in order to feel special and distinct. Of course social media is very important as such. Together with her creative team she translates all of this into an exciting collection. 
    'Le cocon Doux' means 'silky soft cocoon'. In our opinion, women lingerie should feel like a second skin, the woman’s cocoon, which is where the name comes from. The high quality products that 'Le cocon Doux' supplies, allow a woman to feel confident and sexy. The timeless design can easily be worn and may even be seen in daily life in addition to the other garments of your outfit.